Working Border Collies

Bold - Biddable - Brilliant - Beautiful

MHT Lacy Lady

From the well-known McCallum cattle dogs, renowned for their toughness and stamina, to the bloodlines of the highly respected Jack Knox, to the working ranch dogs who do their daily job without fanfair – comes our original female, Lacy.

5H Pip

A product of the cross of some of the best sheepdog lines with some of the most respected cattle dog lines – Pip has it all.


A lot of the hopes and dreams of my goal as a trainer and breeder are wrapped up in this guy. I looked long and hard for lines which possessed athleticism, boldness due to a calm mind, a biddable nature, and extremely talented stock handling. This describes Kane’s pedigree. And he’s looking to live up to it.

How do you define ideal? When it comes to working border collies, we define ideal as a true cross-over dog. One with power and stamina and no back down, yet one which possesses such a biddable nature it can gently move even the littlest critter. Furthermore, because not every border collie lover has (or wants) livestock, we also breed for dogs who make great ‘companions’ or excel in other physical regimes. Thus we focus on brains and athleticism wrapped in a beautiful package. We want flexibility and adaptability – and we want it done with style!