“Kitt” is a two-year old unaltered registered border collie from Eric Wanman’s breeding. She is double King bred. Her siblings are working. One brother is reported to be a remarkably good dog. Kitt, however, has taken her time coming into her own.

She is very keen to work, but it took some time to convince her it was ‘okay’ to move the stock. She’s tough. I’ve seen her take a hit which would have turned a more timid dog and come right back for more. She has plenty of bite – willing to hit head or heel or side.

I have only had her on sheep. She’s been around cattle. She has never shown any fear. However, like with sheep, I expect she will need to be taught it’s ‘okay’ to take control.

Kitt has a great personality. She likes people. She gets along well with other dogs. She’s learned not to chase cats and chickens. She is just not the type of dog we need for our situation. A steal of a deal at $500 – to the RIGHT home.