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We have a very specific goal in mind for the dogs we breed and train. We want versatile athletes with a rock solid mind. Whether their future job is working stock, competing in agility or any other venue, or merely bringing joy and companionship to their two-legged friends, our dogs are bred to excel. 

Our breeding program starts with beautiful partners who have proven themselves to be natural athletes, extremely versatile, keen from a young age, and smart! All our dogs are expected to work and compete on both cattle and sheep. We want partners who are tough enough to turn an ornery cow but biddable enough to handle a challenging ewe with young lambs.

Our dogs PROVE themselves every day – whether working around the ranch or in the training field. And, though they are incredibly keen, they are also great companions. Each dog is from proven lines (although not all are famous). Proven WORKERS! Proven BIDDABLE! Proven BOLD! Proven KEEN! Proven ATHLETES!

Started / Trained Dogs Currently For Sale


SOLD: This fine young 2 year old unaltered female is looking for her forever home. A double King bred bitch, Kitt came to us looking for a fresh start. We have her started on sheep and she is ready to move on to fresh challenges. 

CHECK OUT her pedigree and a recent video.

Keen to work – plenty of bite – biddable – cute – friendly – these are just a few terms to describe this pretty female.

If you are looking for a classy project dog from good cattle lines – if you are willing to put some time into moving her along – take a good look at this gal

We currently have several young dogs in training. Check out our Facebook page for upcoming prospects. 

Upcoming Litters

Lacy has given us her last litter. Moving forward, it will probably be one of these youngsters in training who gives us the next round of pups here at KVR. The earliest possibility, as of right now, would probably be toward the end of 2021. We have a few ideas in mind, but we are not committing to anything or making any promises yet.

That said, we encourage you, if you are on Facebook, to follow our King’s View Ranch page. That is where we usually make the first announcements (although our pups are often sold well before they are born – sometimes before the breeding takes place).


Recent Pups

Arya 4.5 months


“She is so smart. . .very mature in her behavior . . .calm and confident. . .love this girl!” ~JM (Canada)

“Love her. Smart beyond words. Very fast and challenging every day. Very fast learner. . .solid down and hold or stay in 3 sessions” SJ (California)

“[She] is a very quick learner and the star of her puppy socialization class. She is way ahead of her classmates.” JW (Texas)

“Doing well. She’s an excellent little hiker. . .She is very happy and so are we.” TE (Montana)

“We are really pleased with her. . .” AM (Colorado)