Mudd’s unflappable personality set her apart when, at a mere 6 months, she began begging for her ‘turn’. She’s a big mover with a long stride, a quite manner, and a confident attitude. She absolutely LOVES to work and, at 10 months – with very limited stock time – already has a nice outrun, good flanks, a solid walk up, great natural balance, a solid down, and a strikingly classy ‘feel’ for her stock. 

Mudd comes from an impressive line. Her sire’s pedigree includes such well-known names as R. Dalziel’s Wisp (Int Supreme Ch 1989 & 1992), J WiIson’s Spot (Int Supreme Ch 1991 & 1994), P Shannahan’s Hannah (multiple National winner), and N. Close’s C.V. Joe (2005 Can National Ch). Her dam carries a combination of Ettrick and Broken Circle breeding as well as connections to H Johnston’s Glen (British National Ch).

Mudd is a BIG girl. We expect her to reach around 45 pounds. She is a rough coated tri – nearly a splitting image of her daddy. Her mother is a blue merle so there’s a lot of color as well as talent in her genes. 

While Lacy & Sage are true cross-overs and Prim is cattle bred but extremely biddable, Mudd shows her stellar sheep lines. Her sire, Canadian bred Grant’s Jake, is part of the well-regarded Broken Circle breeding program. They describe him as Fun, Confident, and Forward. Jake is a big dog with no back down. This video, produced as a promotional by Broken Circle Stockdogs, gives a quick glimpse of this fine male.

Mudd’s mother, Lori, is a product of Joan Mason’s breeding program. Her dogs are known for their beauty and athletic ability. Several of her mother’s relatives have found success in herding and agility as well as service and physical therapy occupations.

Mudd is going to make her mark. She possesses such a natural sense of pace she clearly appropriately reads her sheep. Furthermore, she is totally unflappable and is endowed with remarkable coverage. She’s an outstanding youngster!

Mudd is clear, genetically, on the complete Border Collie panel – with the exception of CEA. She tested a CARRIER for this so will only be bred to non-carrier males. Since her mother and two litter mates were merles, we also tested her for the DILUTE gene. She is a carrier so has the potential of producing some colorful pups.