MHT Sage


We own Sage because of Lacy. There are so many things we like about that cross – and when her breeder told us this was her dam’s last litter, we decided we had to try it again. So far, Sage has NOT disappointed. Not only is she strikingly beautiful, she’s a TIGER!

She has very little back down – just enough to let us know she’s thinking. Whether it’s wrestling with the other dogs, trying to show us she’s ‘ready’ for her turn in the training pen, or meeting someone or something new, Sage goes at it with gusto. 

Time will tell where this pretty little lady will land. However, we are extremely excited to watch her progress. With her obvious keenness, her natural style, her striking good looks, and her self-confidence, she has everything going for her. In addition, even though she’s tough-as-nails, she’s shown she is also quite biddable. I think this little lady might have it all!

The day before her 4 month birthday, I gave Sage her ‘keenness test’. Not only did she pass with flying colors, she showed her tough side. Now to try and keep her content to watch from the sidelines for another few months. THAT might be the hardest part of training this little tiger!