MHT Lacy Lady​


Lacy is a classy bitch who exudes confidence and biddability. She works cattle or sheep or both together. She’s extremely intelligent and eager to please. She’s tough and bold biting either end but can work lambs with surprising gentleness. She’s my right hand partner willing to tackle any animal on any terrain. She’s won in both cattle and sheep competitions and garners compliments wherever she goes! She weighs 37 pounds and stands 20 inches tall.

At an early age Lacy showed her eagerness to work. Her outrun is wide and her flanks are square. While many names in her pedigree are ‘mere’ ranch dogs, they are certainly not unknown. The McCallum dogs are renowned for the power, stamina, and heat resistance. The Fassler dogs, primarily cattle dogs, are described as “Extremely Intelligent”; “Working Machines” with a “Great Off Switch”. In addition she goes back to Kathy’s Knox Imp Jake (USBCHA Res National Champion in 2005) and Jo Woodbury’s lines which have produced many strong national-level competitors.

Lacy is NORMAL on a full panel border collie DNA testing. She also came back CLEAR on the EOAD marker test. Her hips are OFA certified ‘good’. She passed both her BAER and CERF testing with high colors. 

Lacy has successfully been rebred to Don Helsley’s Wizard (TSN Whiz). Based on their prior mating, we already know these pups will be exceptional. This will be the LAST cross with Wizard – his last natural cover. Pups will only be $1,050. A $500 deposit is required to reserve yours. These are HIGH QUALITY ATHLETIC pups bred to work. There are videos and photos of last year’s pups on our King’s View Ranch Facebook page (and a few photos on our puppy page). Some are in training to work sheep, some to work cattle. Some are destined for the trial field, others for the agility ring. And one has made the best companion trail dog her owner could want. They won’t last! For more information, contact us at (720) 822-1927 or via email:

The following video – clips from Lacy’s stock handling skills as she turned two years old – provides a glimpse into the talent and usefulness of this fine ranch partner.

Lacy (MHT Lacy Lacy – ABCA 425672) is one of many very versatile athletes from the same cross. Each one is performing – purely for praise or for award and recognition – in numerous venues. Some are winning in agility. Some are doing the day-to-day work of the ranch hand with style and grit. 

She has siblings in homes across the US and parts abroad. Each one possesses the same classy looks and solid structure. Each one has a heart to please and a will to perform. In fact, we liked them so well, we purchased a pup from the last cross of her sire and dam (see Sage). Thus we have every reason to believe her offspring will carry forward the same heart and instinct and athleticism which makes her such a fine dog.

The link above showcases the working and competitive abilities of four of her full siblings – from several different litters. Take a look!