KVR Chica


The first Lacy daughter we kept, Chica is much like her mother. Daughter of MHT Lacy (whose information is on this page) and by the well-known and widely respected Helsley’s Wizard, she brings a LOT to the table. At 6 months of age this pup turned on, and there’s been no stopping her. She’s handled training pressure so well, I often have to remind myself she’s still very young.

Chica has naturally wide flanks, a direct walk-in, very nice coverage, and her mother’s athleticism. She’s a little less upright than her mother and possesses a little more eye. She’s bold – working cattle and sheep before a year old – and confident but very biddable. She has a keen desire to work, but her off switch works well too.

Unlike Lacy and several of her siblings (who are medium coated), Chica is a rough-coated tri-color. She’s a bit smaller than Pip and Kane, but has nice bone density. We expect her to mature at about 30 – 35 pounds. Life looks exciting for this pretty pup.


Sometimes Chica shocks me in her resemblance to her mother. Not only does she look like Lacy, she has the same easy-going, easy-to-handle personality. By the time she was 10 months old, I was starting to use her for simple ‘farm’ work chores. 

She’s proven herself good in close quarters (something a lot of pups struggle to handle due to the pressure of stock in an enclosed space) In fact, she’s willing to work anywhere. 

At this point, I can easily see Chica competing in her first trials – and doing ‘real’ work around the farm before she’s a year and a half. She’s that mature for her age!