KVR Bree


This pup brings so much to the table. Daughter of Blackrock GDA, Bree carries some of the top European sheepdog lines. Out of Double J Prim, she brings world-renowned athleticism and agility lines. At barely 9 months of age, she’s keen to work and bold!

Bree’s keen attitude and desire to work showed up before she hit 6 months old. From the start she’s been willing to face off with a sheep or a cow. She’s already showing her sire’s naturally square flanks and an ability to read sheep which is second to none. From her sire and dam she inherited a double dose of speed and athleticism. She has her dam’s direct style with the her sire’s generations of stock handling sense. 

Bree has a sweet personality. While we daily watch her become stronger on stock, she continues to maintain her sweet and biddable personality. She’s smart and eager to learn. She’s calm and confident in most situations – a surprising bonus in one so young. She fun loving and enjoys playing, but her true love is clearly working stock. We have high hopes for this young athlete!