Kane’s Specifics

If I were to describe my ‘perfect’ dog, he might be named Kane! While he’s still young, and a lot can change as he matures and comes into himself, there is absolutely NOTHING I do not love about this guy.

Son of Joni Tietjen’s “Bulldozer” (Dillon – now owned by Sonny and living his ideal life as a ranch and trial dog) and out of a daughter of her great Ben “The most trainable dog ever”, Kane has a lovely mix of tough confidence and biddability. 

He’s not easy to upset, hasn’t shown fear of anything, has an extreme desire to please, and is incredibly smart. His coverage on stock, his willingness to square his flanks, and his bold walk up are just a few of the things which make him so special. 

Kane shows great potential to be everything we try to produce – a dog who is a pleasure to be around, a working companion you can rely upon, a mentally solid dog who can handle pressure without ‘loosing it”, and a dog who exudes natural talent. His work ethic cannot be beat, but he has a solid ‘off’ switch as well. 

Kane is a rough coated standard marked black and white border collie with no white-factoring. This means, should we decide to breed him on down the road, he will cross nicely with the growing number of white-factored females.

He’s a good-sized dog which we expect will mature out to about 45-50 pounds. He has good bone density but gives up nothing in athleticism. Despite his size and strength of frame, he can still perform a beautiful rollback, execute blinding turns, and put out a startling burst of speed.

Time will tell the whole story, but right now I think Kane has an extremely bright future – and that’s not something I am willing to state so boldly about most young dogs.