Grass Fed Lamb

“I’ve Never Tried Lamb” In the U.S. that is a fairly common statement – and it’s a shame. Not only is lamb delicious (possessing excellent flavor with a buttery quality), it is GOOD for you! Lamb provides nearly 50% the Omega-3 fats found in a similar-sized portion of cod or tuna. It contains valuable amounts of CLA – a healthy fatty acid. Grass fed lamb is an excellent source of B-12 and a good source of protein, selenium, niacin, zinc, and phosphorus. In other words – Lamb is GOOD and it is GOOD FOR YOU!

At King’s View Ranch we specialize in hair sheep. Our foundation is White Dorper, an African bred sheep. Hair sheep produce ‘premo’ meat – a sweeter and milder lamb prized by restaurant chefs and consumers. Dorpers are known for their ability to thrive and produce a high-quality finished product on grass alone. Our grass fed lamb is all natural. That means no added hormones, no fed antibiotics, no grain of any type. They are totally non GMO and high in healthy omega-3s.

You ARE what you EAT!  Our lambs summer on our high quality pasture and winter eating our home-grown premium grass / alfalfa hay. The combination of our mountain pastures full of sweet forbs and grasses, quality mineral blends, and plentiful fresh water means they enjoy the best diet possible. Furthermore, using Managed Intensive Grazing we keep them on fresh feed all summer and fall. Thus you can be assured the lamb which graces your dinner table is the best it can be.

In addition, Dorper lambs are true MEAT sheep. These sheep do not waste feed on wool. They were not bred for their coat but for their meat! The University of South Dakota found it takes 250-300 pounds of dry matter to produce a pound of wool. Our lambs put that feed to making meat – gaining about one pound for every 4-5 pounds of feed consumed. That means our lambs finish YOUNGER (typically reaching market weight at 4-5 months of age). Of course younger means more tender, milder flavored, and an overall better finished product.

Studies have shown grass-fed lamb has at least 25% more omega-3s than grain-fed. In countries where it is regularly consumed, it has been shown to help lower the risk of heart disease, partly because its fat is about 40% monounsaturated. In addition, it is recognized as a healthy meat by the American Diabetic Association. Lamb’s very broad B-vitamin content even helps the body metabolize other carbs. Grass-Fed Lamb is NOT ONLY GOOD – It is GOOD FOR YOU!

2020 - 2021 Lamb Pricing

Our lamb is processed in a USDA inspected facility. You can choose custom cutting or the butcher will cut to ‘normal’ standards.

A whole Grass-Fed Lamb –  (avg weight 80 -100 pounds) paper wrapped – $4.50 / pound (hanging weight)

Hanging weight is about 55% – 60% of the actual ‘yield’ weight (what goes into your freezer). Thus your cost would be about $225.00.

Vacuum sealed packaging is available for $10.00 additional.

$100 deposit required when order is placed.

Half a Grass-Fed Lamb – (average weight 40 – 50 pounds) paper wrapped – $4.75 / pound (hanging weight)

Hanging weight is about 55% – 60% of the actual ‘yield’ weight (what goes into your freezer). Thus your cost would be about $125.00.

Vacuum sealed packaging is available for $5.00 additional. 

$50 deposit required when order is placed.

As America becomes more health conscious and starts asking ‘Where does my food come from?”, more and more producers are climbing on the ‘grass-fed’ bandwagon. While this has increased our ‘healthy-eating’ options, it has made it harder to choose the ‘best’.  What started as a small local-farmer coop, is evolving to larger corporations pulling products from farmers and ranchers across a multi-state area. This, unfortunately, is taking us back to hands-off, no accountability commercial food production.

At King’s View Ranch, we think the original idea is best. Thus, we are committed to remaining a small, family-run farm with a focus on quality and individual customer satisfaction. We strive to keep our sales local. We invite you to come, meet us, see the animals, and learn, first hand, what really makes up the food you eat.

Cooking Suggestions

Grass-fed lamb is best cooked using methods that keep it moist and tender. It is easy to overcook so watch your cooking times. Like other meats, different cuts are best prepared using different methods.

  • Shoulder: Best for stew or slow cooked in a sealed pot with added moisture and lots garlic for a flavorful roast.
  • Shank: Best braised or cooked Kiwi-style by boiling until tender then moist baked to finish.
  • Lamb chops: Best grilled – we prefer medium-rare
  • Rack of Lamb: Best roasted like a beef prime rib
  • Ground Lamb: Best sautéed

A few more cooking ideas:

  • Use ground lamb for Indian Curry. The lamb and curry make a lovely flavor combination.
  • Lamb’s hearty flavor makes it the perfect meat for a flavorful stew.
  • Garlic is lamb’s best friend. Rosemary is a great herb for use with lamb. Red wine and lamb go together well.
  • Lamb shish kabob’s are a delicious twist on a favorite grilled meal.
  •  Mint is often a favorite companion – either mint yogurt (made from plain yogurt, mint leaves, garlic, & cayenne) or mint jelly