Coco is, perhaps, the most important girl at King’s View Ranch. She’s the guardian and protector of us all – from the smallest kitten to the big ole’ bull, she knows it’s her responsibility to protect them. Yet, while she takes her job seriously, she’s really a big lover. This gentle giant certainly has won a special place in our hearts!

Coco is a Mastiff – a combination of the Pyrenean Mastiff and the Kangal (a foundation Mastiff breed). She takes her good looks from the Kangal and her heart of gold from both. 

Gentle – Brave – Noble – Affectionate – Loyal – Intelligent

These are just a few words we use to describe this gold-eyed beauty. Coco stands about 32 inches tall and weighs in at about 120 pounds. While she loves to play and could crush most dogs’ heads with one bite, she’s such a gentle girl I think she’d be heart broken if she actually made one cry.

Coco takes after the Kangal in most aspects. She’s very athletic and agile. And she’s surprisingly fast. She is also dry-mouthed – making her a much more pleasant companion!

At 6 months she looked like a full grown yellow lab!

At 18 months she dwarfed her border collie friends!