Blackrock GDA (Brock)

Brock is a grandson of not one, but two, International Supreme Champions! Aled Owen’s great dog, Roy, is on his top side. Aled Owen’s equally beautiful and talented, Llangwm Cap, is on his bottom. 

Brock is slated to begin his professional training this fall. He is bright, keen, eager to please, and extremely athletic. While the Roy bred dogs are typically big rangy dogs, Brock takes after his maternal grandmother possessing a smaller stature and lighter build. As a result, he’s our pocket rocket – like watching a race horse out of the gate. He’s very nimble and lightning quick on his feet.

Brock is a rough coated and a fairly traditionally marked black and white. He stands 21 inches tall and weighs about 34 pounds. He is genetically clear on the full Border Collie panel. His elbows are ‘normal’ and his hips average.

We expect to see great things from this fellow in the near future!

Brock came to us after what appears to have been a rough start. Broken ribs attest to either an accident or something else. Additionally, he had a serious issue with bonding – and a fear of training sticks and booted feet. Since he can’t talk, we’ll never know.

As a result, we have taken our time with him – giving him a chance to bond with us – and learn to trust us. When first introduced to sheep, it was clear he’d either been allowed (or done so without permission) to chase stock. Thus we knew we had some ‘re-training’ to address.

After nearly three months of just ‘being here’, we finally felt we were ready to begin the training process. He was bonding and seeking our attention. He was listening and showing the first feeble steps of partnering up. Thus his ‘formal’ training began.

We have seen the ‘real’ Brock – the results of his impressive genetics – coming to the forefront. No longer fearful and frenzied, he’s nosing his way up to even the rams – and moving the training sheep with ease.

This video from his first week on sheep shows some of his natural talent. From timid and unsure (a sure sign he was punished for ‘working’ stock), he’s already moving freely between the stock and the fence. He’s showing good sideways movement. His tail is down – he’s serious about this stuff! He’s showing a desire to find the balance point. And, he’s biddable – even when he’s obviously enjoying those sheep, he lies down when asked. I can’t imagine expecting more from a young dog – especially one with some ‘history’ – in that first week.

It’s not easy to start a dog – and to take one which has a less-than-ideal ‘story’ makes the challenge even greater. However, bloodlines speak! Brock’s a great example. We will continue to post videos of his progress on our Facebook page. If you’d like to see more of this dog with a BIG heart – and a never give up attitude – check them out. I think you’ll like what you see!

His Impressive Grandfathers

ROY (266416): How does one describe greatness? Aled Owen called him “powerful, sleek and stylish. . .[a] number one competition trials dog. . .” Regardless of how he’s described, he’s recognized by all in the sheep dog community as an extremely successful – yet equally useful dog. 

Son of Bob, 2000 International Supreme Champion, Roy proved the greatness had passed to him. Winner of 2006 Welsh National Championship, the 2007 International Supreme Championship, and the 2008 World Championship – he showed the world what he could do!. 

Even with all that ‘greatness’ and prowess on the trial field, Roy was said to be happiest being Aled’s partner. He was easy to be with and tended to stay close to Aled’s side. Certainly Brock carries some remarkable blood in his veins!

LLANGWM CAP: If anyone needs proof Roy passed on his talents, they need look no further than another of his grandsons, Cap. Not only was he a consistent Open trials winner (14 wins in 2014 alone) he showed his superiority by capturing both the 2015 International Supreme Championship and the Welsh National Championship. Yet his impressive wins didn’t lessen his practical use. Owen described him as “an outstanding farm dog. . .very consistent. . .”

Roy’s greatest success may have been his ability to share his greatness. He is grandsire to not only Cap, but also Preseli Ci, the 2016 International Supreme Champion and grandsire to McGee’s Silver. In 2016, there were no less than 7 Roy offspring competing in the English Nationals. That year a Roy daughter won the Norwegian Championship, and 4 other offspring were in the final 16.  A daughter of Cap was the record breaking sale dog in the UK in 2019. His offspring are often called “forward with style”!

Athletic – Smart – Stylish – Powerful – Bold – Biddable – these are just a few of the words used to describe the dogs from this remarkable line.

Brock's Pedigree