About Us

What happens when you take two hard-working people, pour on three decades of varied (and often unexpected) experiences, then sprinkle in some life-long dreams? Well – – – it might not have been the path we ‘thought’ we’d take, but King’s View Ranch finally became a reality!


From weekend cook to head grill chef at our Montana Fishing Lodge, Craig had 10 years to learn what makes 'perfect' steaks and chops - because in Montana, you had better serve great meat! From building contractor to all around Mr. Fix-It operating an hour from the nearest small town hardware store (while maintaining a lodge, cabins, boats, and an extensive off-the-grid power system), he's garnered the skills necessary to keep our small ranch up and running.


A BIG part of the motivation to push for the realization of the dreams-of-our-youth, Nathaniel brings vitality, energy, and lots of enthusiasm to this family project. He enjoys showing his sheep at the county fair, helping dad with the irrigation, and traveling to dog trials with mom. His strong young back and abundant exuberance are a vital part of the whole picture. And, hopefully, this will one day be his project to carry onward and upward.


Without doubt her passions have always run to animals and wide-open spaces. Her first memories all include either a horse or a dog - usually both! From homeschool mom to suos chef to marketing coordination to bookkeeper, she brings skills handy to the 'business' side of things . However, her first love has always been training. When the opportunity arose, she transferred that passion from primarily horses to primarily dogs - and she's loving it!

Our Story

We have long delighted in the great outdoors, beautiful scenery, and wide open spaces. We  savor really good food – and gain satisfaction from sharing it with others. We enjoy working with animals and the ‘farm’ lifestyle. But, perhaps most importantly, we wanted to offer our last born the opportunity to pursue his interests – and possibly his future vocation. So, in 2014 we tackled a semi-new adventure. It’s been a crazy, often exhausting ride, but we are starting to hope the light we see at the tunnel really isn’t a train! We invite you to poke around and see what we are attempting here. And, if you want to see some great dogs doing what they love, are passionate about healthy and tasty food, or are just curious how this all works, contact us! It would be our pleasure to show you around.